DotNet Internship Programs

A programming infrastructure created by Microsoft for building, deploying, and running applications and services that use .NET technologies, such as desktop applications and Web services. The .NET Framework contains three major parts: the Common Language Runtime. the Framework Class Library. ASP.NET.

Dot Net Platform Training

DotNet Platform Training Topics
  • Existing Development Scenario
  • Challenges faced by Developers
  • Where does .NET fits in
  • .NET Platform layers
  • Structure of .NET application
  • Flavors of .NET
  • Features of .NET
  • Different Types of applications supported by .NET Platform
  • Code Management - JIT (Just In time Compiling) and Debugging
  • Managed versus Un-Managed Methods and Transactions
  • Object oriented Programming Concepts
  • Error and Exceptions Handling
  • Assemblies and Application Domains
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