Apache Kafka Certification Training

Our certification course on Apache Kafka will make the participant to become a master in installation work, architecture, configuration and interfaces of Kafka messaging. It is an open-source. With the help of our course, participants will master the fundamentals of Apache ZooKeeper as a main service and improve the skills to configure Kafka for real-time messaging. This course is one of the part of the Big Data Hadoop Architect master’s program and it is advised for developers and analytics professionals who are looking to enhance their experience.

Key features
  • 10 hours of self-paced video
  • Includes 2 hands-on lab exercises
  • Includes 1 industry-based case study
  • Includes 2 simulation exams

Course description

What are the course objectives?

This course provided by 4CLearn is an essential requirement for the aspirants desired to become a Big Data Hadoop architects. Apache Kafka is an open-source messaging and can stream processing platform with a high-performance at the real-time messaging system that can compile millions of messages at a time. It provides a distributed and partitioned messaging system that highly faults tolerant. This course will direct the participants using Kafka architecture, installation, configuration and interfaces during the period of learning the updated concepts of Big Data.

Why is this course so desirable?

Apache Kafka course is extensively implemented in various companies world wide. Training in Apache Kafka is much in demand for given reasons:

  • Apache Kafka is the favorable messaging platform for Big Data processing in real-time and fast message processing feeds in real-time.
  • Kafka was basically developed at LinkedIn to process millions of messages per second and then it became a part of the Apache open-source projects.
  • It is highly scalable and also fault-tolerant messaging system that contains petabyte of message processing in real-time.
  • The Apache Kafka professionals can describe their proficiency in the rapidly growing big data industry.
  • Apache Kafka Trained professionals are capable in tools used to process huge amounts of data and strengthen their organizations to better leverage in Big Data analytics.
What skills will you learn?

At the end of 4CLearn Kafka training course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the significance of big data
  • Demonstrate the basics concepts of Kafka
  • Demonstrate the architecture of Kafka
  • Illustrate how to install and configure Kafka
  • Illustrate how to use Kafka for real-time messaging
What are the career benefits of Kafka certification?

Apache Kafka is considered as the top ten rapidly growing, sought-after technical skills. This certification helps IT professionals to build themselves as experts in the Big Data field. These certified professionals have more salary than the other non-certified professionals. Certified professionals can achieve new career paths like senior software professional, IT consultant, lead software professional and Big Data professional.

Apache Kafka certification demand has increased widely in recent years and this certification has accurately become an entry-level necessity in high-margin of IT-based roles. Based on Dataquest survey, Apache Kafka results one of the highest paying salaries in IT industry with $134,950.

Who should take this Apache Kafka course?

The Apache Kafka course is applicable for many roles, including:

  • Professionals looking for a career in Big Data
  • Analytics professionals, research professionals, IT developers, testers and project managers
  • Students
  • Individuals seeking a change in career

Exam & certification

Are there any prerequisites for the Apache Kafka course?

The pre-conditions for the Apache Kafka course are:

  • Understanding of any messaging system
  • Basic fundamentals of Java or any programming language
  • Fundamental knowledge of Linux- or Unix-based systems (nor required)


Do you provide demos in this course?

Working demos with Kafka are provided in this course for the better apprehending of the concepts. We will help the participants to configure the virtual machine on their laptop and make them to install Kafka on the virtual machine.

Can I install Kafka on a machine running macOS?

Kafka software can be installed and use the software on Mac operating systems. The installation steps are similar to the installation on Linux and can be done with the instructions provided in the lessons.

What are the system requirements to install Kafka?

For this training, we recommend a laptop with windows 7 or higher end with at least 4GB of RAM. Participants can install Kafka on any Linux or Mac operating system.