Big Data Architect

This training is designed by Ronald Van Loon, named by Onalytica as one of the top 10 rated Big Data & Data Science Influencer in the world. Our training will give participants a deep knowledge on the Hadoop development framework. Our training framework including real-time examples using Spark, NoSQL database technology and other Big Data technologies that will make participants a skilled Big Data Architect professional with necessary industry standards.

About the program
What are the learning objectives?

4CLearn’s Big Data Hadoop Architect training is helpful to enhance skills and different tools like; Cassandra Architecture, Database Interfaces, Data Model Creation, Advanced Architecture, Spark, Scala, RDD, SparkSQL, Spark Streaming and ML, GraphX. Replication, Sharding, Scalability, Hadoop clusters, Storm Architecture, Ingestion, Zookeeper and Kafka Architecture are also the part of our training session. These mentioned skills will make you ready for the role of a Big Data Hadoop architect.

Our training will engage participants to gain knowledge with high-quality e-Learning content, simulation exams, and community moderated under experts that make sure participants to channelize the flawless path to achieve dream role of data scientist.

Why become a Big Data Hadoop Architect?

Big Data Hadoop Architects have become the critical link between business and technology and add-on to being responsible for planning and designing coming-generation Big Data systems, Hadoop architects also maintain large-scale development and deployment of Hadoop applications.

What projects are included in this program?

This Big Data Hadoop Architect Master's program contains more than 12+ real time, industry related projects on various domains that offer you enhance concepts of Big Data Architect like; Clusters, Scalability, Configuration. A few of the projects are mentioned below that participants will be working on them:

Project 1: See how big MNCs like Microsoft, Nestle, PepsiCo, fix their Big data clusters by gaining hands-on experience on the same

Project Title:Scalability-Deploying Multiple Clusters

Description:Your company requires to make a new cluster and has procured new machines; however, setting up clusters on new machines will take time. Meanwhile, you can make a new cluster on the usual set of machines and initiate testing the new cluster’s working and it’s applications.

Project 2: Comprehending MNC’s companies like, Amazon, Flipkart and Facebook work on Big Data Clusters using the below case study.

Project Title:Working with Clusters

Description: Illustrate your apprehending of the following tasks (give the steps):

  • Allow and denial HA for namenode and resource manager in CDH
  • Detaching Hue service from your cluster that contains other services such as Hive, HBase, HDFS, and YARN setup
  • Attaching a user and allowing read access to your Cloudera cluster
  • modifying replication and block size of your cluster
  • Hue as a service, logging in as user HUE, and downloading examples for Hive, Pig, job designer, and others are the additions for the system.


Who can be a Big Data Hadoop Architect?

The Big Data Hadoop Architect is a most advisable career goal for those looking to fast-track their career in the Big Data field and also have many Big Data career options on the develop, the following roles will benefit most from this learning path:

  • Software Developers and Testers
  • Software Architects
  • Analytics Professionals
  • Data Management Professionals
  • Data Warehouse Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Mainframe Professionals
  • Graduates aspiring to build a career in Big Data Hadoop
What will 4CLearn provide features in the CloudLab?

CloudLab is a cloud-based platform of hadoop built to outline problem-free execution of all experential project work. As CloudLab is a pre-defined real world Hadoop cycle that will clear potential faults, which will lift the virtual machine system, such as:

  • Installation and system compatibility issues
  • Difficulties in configuring systems
  • Issues with rights and permissions
  • Network slowdown and failure
  • Single machine capacity instead of clusters

CloudLab projects will be conducted on cloud- based Hadoop clusters running on Hadoop 2.711.

You will be able to access CloudLab from 4CLearn LMS (Learning Management System). A video introduction on how to use CloudLab is provided in the 4CLearn LMS. You can also access this video here- Video Link.

Please note: CloudLab access is available only for the duration of the Big Data Hadoop Developer course.

How do I enroll for the Masters Program?

You can enroll for the Masters Program through our website. You can make an online payment using any of the following options:

  • Visa debit/credit card
  • American Express and Diners Club cards
  • Master Card
  • PayPal

Once the online payment is done, you will automatically receive a payment receipt and access information, via email.