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Business Analyst is an important resource in the software development project. Business Analyst acts like a middle man between the Client and the Technical Team. Technical Team focus will on the technology only and the Client focus will be on the Solution for his problem. When these two parties meet to discuss on the project requirements, there is a possibility of miscommunication. To overcome this, Business Analyst will come into the picture, Business Analyst will communicate with the Client using Business Language and will communicate with the technical Team using Technical Language. Business Analyst should have awareness on the SDLC, Best Practices of BA, how Software functions.

We conduct Business Analyst Trainings to Professionals to groom their career in the field of Business Analysis. Once the Candidate avails the training, we will make the Candidate undergo practical implementation on drawing Diagrams and preparing Documents. 360 Degrees knowledge about a Business Analyst will be shared and made sure that the candidate acquires these Business Analysis Skills.

Work Shop Takeaways:

• Understand and implement the Best Practices of BA

• Involve and execute the duties and Responsibilities

• Equip with working knowledge of BA Tools

• Walkthrough the role of BA in Projects

• Analyze and understand the business problems

• Identify and document requirements

• Manage client relationships

• Facilitate discussions

• Negotiate and build consensus

• Model data and processes

• Plan and manage activities

• Facilitate and develop business strategy

• Understand and manage organizational change

• BA Workshop Participation Certificate

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