Business Analytics Expert

The Business Analytics Expert training is structured to make participants master in data analytics and help them proficient in implementation of data science concepts like; data exploration, hypothesis testing and visualization. Our Business Analytics course will teach participants to implement statistics and predictive analytics techniques in a business environment, updating participants to become job-ready.

About the program
What are the course objectives?

4CLearn’s Business Analytics Expert master’s program will help participants with expandable experience in data analytics. The Business Analytics Expert course make participants to become master in statistical and analytical tools like; hypothesis testing, decision trees, data visualization, clustering, regression models, data blending, data extracts, R Studio, ad-hoc analytics, heat map, tree map, Waterfall, Pareto, Gantt charts, and forecasting.

Specified concentration will be given for predictive analytics like regression, smoothening, and clustering techniques. The course will make participants master in business visualization techniques through Tableau and Power BI. Participants will learn required skills to develop visualizations, arrange data and design dashboards. The complete learning experience is integrated with demos and executed projects on CloudLabs/Virtual Machines. After accomplishment of all aspects of the training, participants will be ready for the Business Analyst role.

Why become a Business Analytics Expert?

Data is a higher priority for the digital economy. Professionals with analytics are necessary in the on-going market is forecast to considerable improvement in the next coming years.

Learning path Business Analytics With Excel

Business Analytics with excel training is structured to help participants to start their career in the analytics world. For this we implement the most preferred analytics tool i.e. Microsoft Excel. The training will provide participants with all the concepts and required skills to start their career in analytics. If participants are proficient in the IT or any core industry, our course will train them to apprehend data and take data driven decisions relevant to their domain through Microsoft excel. For a beginners in the analytics field, this course offers the much required foundation. The training is focused into statistical concepts that are essential to derive the best perceptions from available data and represent the data through executive level dashboards. Finally we introduce Power BI and that a latest and the effective tool offered by Microsoft for analytics and data visualization.

Data Science Certification Training - R Programming

To be a master in data analytics with the R language in this data science certification training course. Participants will expertise in data exploration and visualization, predictive and descriptive analytics techniques through the R language. Using data science course, participants will gain experiential practice on R CloudLab by executing many practical, industry-oriented projects in the health-care domains, retail, insurance, airlines, finance and music industry.

Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate Training

The training provided by 4CLearn helps participants expertise the different concepts of Tableau Desktop 10 and learn skills like; building visualization, arranging data, and dashboard designing. Participants will gain concepts of data connection, statistics and mapping. This course contains 2 simulation exams and industry-related project to make participants ready for Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate certification. It is well-fit for BI professionals, software developers, system and administrators.

Data Science with Python

This Data Science with Python course will make participants master in data science and analytics techniques through Python. Participants use Python for Data Science Course and learn the important concepts of Python language and be an expert in natural programming process, machine learning, data analytics, web scraping, and data visualization. Python is a necessary skill for many data science, participants can plan their career with this interactive and experiential course.

Data Science with SAS Training

In this SAS Certification training, participants will become a master in analytics techniques through the SAS data science tool. Participants will understand applying of data manipulation and optimization techniques; improved statistical concepts like clustering, decision trees and, linear regression; data analysis methods to solve real world business problems and predictive modeling techniques. This SAS Certification course will provide participants real-time knowledge, they can implement on their next data analysis job.


What can I expect from the Master’s Program?

Participants are allowed to have e-learning content for all courses mentioned in the learning path and exclusive forums supervised by faculty and industry experts. Monthly mentoring sessions by faculty and industry experts. After accomplishing the program needs, participants will receive the Master’s certification.

Who can become a Business Analytics Expert?

An analytics professional integrated with the appropriate experience and data science knowledge, and the clear understanding of the latest tools and technologies. Interested professionals from any educational background with an analytical mindset to achieve this learning path. We suggest this path for professionals in the following roles:

  • IT professionals
  • Banking and finance professionals
  • Marketing managers
  • Beginners in the data analytics domain
  • Supply chain network managers
  • Students in UG/ PG analytics programs
How can I access the e-learning content?

After paying the course fee, participants will get registered for a course with us, participants will have regular access to the e-learning content on our website. An automated course email regarding purchase information will guide the participants through the process.