Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)-v10 Training Course


Who are our instructors and their selection procedure?

This Certified Ethical Hacker-Version 10 course will make participants on the enhanced sequential methodologies that hackers generally use, like; writing virus codes, and reverse engineering, participants will maintain effective and secure corporate infrastructure from data breaches. Participants will expertise in securing web servers, malware threats, advanced network packet analysis, and advanced system penetration testing techniques to establish their network security skills and defeat hackers at their own game.

Key features
  • Instructor-led training for 32 hours
  • 6 months free access to CEHv10 iLabs
  • Accredited Training Partner of EC-Council
  • Tips and Tricks to clear CEH certification
  • Study Material(e-Kit) by EC Council
  • Exam Fee Included

Course description

What are the course objectives?

4CLearn’s CEH v10 Certified Ethical Hacker training and certification course offer experiential classroom training to help participants expertise the same techniques that hackers implement to penetrate network systems and grasp them ethically to secure their own infrastructure. The extensive course concerned on 20 of the most renowned security domains to offer a real-time approach to vital security systems. They will learn to evaluate computer system security through penetration testing techniques; test scan, and hack protected systems and applications, and learn experiential proficiency by phishing, sniffing and exploitation tactics. This ethical hacking course will make participants ready for the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker exam 312-50.

In the current CEH v10 EC-Council has launched the following modifications:

  • CEH real-time exam
  • Incrementing concern on Cloud attack vectors, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Updated Vulnerability Assessment material
  • A module on the Internet of Things Security
Why is the CEH certification so desirable?

The EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker course establish participants in advanced security skills to advance globally in the information security domain. Most of the IT departments had made CEH certification as mandatory credentials for security-related posts, making it an essential certification for security professionals. And CEH-certified professionals, they gain more than 44 percent of higher salaries than their non-certified professionals.

The ethical hacking certification course create immense career advancement openings, making participants ready for a roles like; computer network defense analyst, CND infrastructure support, auditor and incident responder, forensic and intrusion analyst, security
manager and other relevant high-profile roles.

What skills will you learn in this Ethical Hacking course?

4CLearn’s Ethical Hacking Course will enhance participants knowledge on network, web and mobile app security and make participants to find the threats and vulnerabilities. This course will help participants:

  • Leverage the sequential methodology and tactics that hackers implement to penetrate network systems.
  • Apprehend the finer nuances of trojans, backdoors and counter measures.
  • Gain a progressive apprehending of IDS, honeypots, firewalls and wireless hacking.
  • Expertise in advanced hacking concepts, including mobile device and smart phone hacking, exploit writing, writing virus codes and reverse engineering and corporate espionage.
  • Leverage proficiency on advanced concepts like; Windows system administration, advanced network packet analysis, securing IIS and Apache web servers through Powershell, and hacking SQL and Oracle databases.
  • Contain the new developments in mobile and web technologies that involves Andriod, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and HTML 5.
  • Gain advanced log management for information assurance and enable participants to handle information security with more clarity.
Who should take the Ethical Hacking Course?

The Certified Ethical Hacker CEH training course is suitable for:

  • Site administrators
  • Network security officers and practitioners
  • IS or IT specialist, analyst or manager
  • IS or IT auditor or consultant
  • IT security specialist, architect or administrator, analyst, and manager.
  • IT operations manager
  • IT security officer, auditor or engineer
  • Technical support engineer
  • Network specialist, analyst, manager, architect, consultant or administrator
  • Senior systems engineer
  • Systems analyst or administrator
What is CEH certification?

Certified Ethical Hacker certification will improve participants capability to assess and analyze computer systems security to secure their corporate infrastructure. The exam code for certification is 312-50 and validates their abilities through penetration testing tools to validate computer systems and network security and executing the special techniques of ethical hacking.

Which type of projects will you complete during the ethical hacking course?

There won’t be any projects to complete in this ethical hacking course.

Exam & certification

What are the prerequisites for the certification?

For Certified Ethical Hacker training and certification, there is no particular elig ibility criteria but we suggest participants with fundamental knowledge of TCP/IP.

What is the validity of my CEH exam voucher?

Exam vouchers are useful for 1 year from the purchased date. If participants failed to schedule the exam before 1 year from the voucher purchase, they have to purchase the voucher again according to actual price.

How do I become CEH Certified?

To be a certified, participants should clear the examination after one requirement satisfaction from these two, after appearing CEH training at an recognized Training Center like 4CLearn, or using self-study. If participants self-study, they should fill the an application and deliver minimum two years of proficiency proof in the network security domain.

Until when can I procure voucher from 4CLearn?

Participants exam voucher fee is mentioned in the price of this ethical hacking course. Participants should obtain the CEH exam voucher before 3 months from the course purchased date. In any cause that the CEH exam prices are hiked and participants failed to schedule the the exam, they need to pay the difference in amount to 4CLearn.
Our trainers are qualified CEH (v10) certified and consist around 15 years of proficiency in ethical hacking training and working in the avenues of cyber security and Information Technology service and architecture. Every trainer should cross these profile screening, technical evaluation, and a training demo barriers before they start their training sessions for 4CLearn. We assure all our trainers are high alumni rated will continue as our trainers.

Is this live training, or will I watch pre-recorded videos?

This courses are conducted through live virtual classrooms. We provide interactive sessions that allow participants to raise questions and take part in discussions at the time of class. We offer recordings of every session that a participants has appear for their future reference. Classes are appeared by a worldwide audience to improve their learning proficiency.