Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the advancement in the technical sector and a stumble number of organizations are accepting AI and the demand for professionals well-versed in AI has surprisingly increased marginal rate. 4CLearn’s Introduced Artificial Intelligence that will provide a higher comprehending of the introduction concepts of Artificial Intelligence to beginners. Choose 4CLearn’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Course today.

Course description

Why Artificial Intelligence?
  • Artificial intelligence is a engaging force to reconstruct humanity by businesses create exciting and helping people, innovative products and services, make difficult decisions and achieve major objectives. Many companies are ready to hire AI professionals with mind-blowing payouts.
  • The average salary for an AI engineer in the US is $ 80,000 based on the Every tech company will have an artificial intelligence project and they are ready to pay huge amount for the experts help to make the task accomplished.
  • In the AI field 13.6 million of jobs are going to be created. There is talent deficiency. world have the skill set to create awareness of AI research, based on the technology and consulting firm Element AI is enough reason for you to take this course!
What are the goals of this Artificial Intelligence Introduction course for learners?
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is involved in our daily life. It has advantages in a various industries like gaming, journalism or media, finance, and robotics. The Artificial Intelligence for learners course objective is to improve branding and create interest for the learners in the field of AI so that they are allowed to take more advanced subjects in the relative field.
  • The Introduction to Artificial Intelligence elaborate the fundamental terminologies like, knowledge representation, problem solving, learning methods of Artificial Intelligence. This AI course also explains the practical, philosophical, moral and societal effect of AI.
What type of skills are improved in this Artificial Intelligence for Beginners course?
  • Interpret the fundamentals of AI and Machine Learning and also can identify the advanced technologies are re-defined the industries.
  • Understand the fundamental definition of key terminology used in AI space
  • Know about major applications of AI around hundreds of use cases in different fields like customer service, financial services, healthcare etc
  • Effective and complicated points are necessary and taken into consideration by managers for best AI product development and pitfalls to avoid
Who should take this Artificial Intelligence for Beginners course?

4CLearn’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence illustrate the fundamental concepts and principles of Artificial Intelligence to the beginners. Our Artificial Intelligence Introduction course don’t need any IT background. It will be suited for the mentioned audience:

  • Well-suited for management and non-technical participants
  • Students who want to learn Artificial Intelligence
  • Newbies who are not familiar with AI or its implications

Exam & certification

What are necessary to achieve my 4CLearn certificate?

To achieve the Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course certification by Online Self-Learning:

  • After accomplishment of 85 percent of the course.
  • Accomplish one project.