ITIL Capability Expert Program

The ITIL Capability Expert Program is structured to provide participants professionalized knowledge of the service processes of ITIL. The IT framework had fixed the international benchmark of quality for IT professionals across the world. This course is concerned on the real-time applications of PPO, OSA, RCV and SOA, the four elements that reinforce IT operations, application management and financial management.

About the program
What are the course objectives?

4CLearn’s ITIL Capability Expert program is structured to provide participants with all the necessary skills and knowledge, which helps participants to be an IT services expert. The path to be a certified Capability Expert contains of four process aligned intermediate certifications: PPO, RCV, OSA, and SOA. This course is concerned on the real-time application of these four modules will support IT operations, application and financial management. This tough program contains a clear overview of the inputs, standard measures, concepts, actions and outputs of every process. The learning path concentrates on the regular execution of ITIL practices and these interaction of these practices within the particular phases of the service lifecycle. Accomplishment of this program offers participants with a comprehensive apprehending of ITIL processes and functions.

More than 63 hours of high quality e-learning content, simulation exams and 22 credit points gained by the course of the program makes participants to be an ITIL expert.

Why become an ITIL Capability Expert?

Certified professionals in the Information Technology field are consistent demand globally and earn 40% more than other non-certified professionals. Professionals choosing this training are supposed to initiate fresh ideas and approaches to enhance customer satisfaction and contribution towards service delivery in the organization. This certification provides participants the vital skillsets they needed in the consistent world of Information Technology.

Who should take this course?

The Capability Expert Program is specifically structured for:

  • Business Process Owners
  • Business Managers
  • Operational Staff in Service Portfolio Management

Professionals in Service Catalogue Management and Level Management, Supplier Management, Demand and Financial Management, and Business Relationship Management teams can also profitable from this course.

How do I become ITIL Capability Expert?

Participants should gain two credits from ITIL Foundation and 17 credits from Intermediates and five credits from MALC by clearing the associated exams that will be considered an ITIL Capability Expert.

Course Exam Credits
ITIL Foundation Score > 65% 2
ITIL Intermediate OSA Score > 70% 4
ITIL Intermediate PPO Score > 70% 4
ITIL Intermediate RCV Score > 70% 4
ITIL Intermediate SOA Score > 70% 4
ITIL Intermediate MALC Score > 70% 5
Learning path
ITIL® Foundation

ITIL® Foundation training from 4CLearn is structured to assure that participants pass the ITIL exam in the first attempt. The Foundation certification is necessary for the entry level qualification in the field of ITIL certification path. This course training concerned on the essential elements, concepts and terminologies relevant with ITIL service lifecycle management. It contains ITIL Lifecycle Results and Phase Interactions, IT Service Management processes and best practices.

ITIL® Intermediate OSA

The ITIL Intermediate Operational Support and Analysis certification training course will build participants capability to implement analysis and support resolution in the service management lifecycle, specified for event and incident management and request perfection. This course is an essential module in the Intermediate Capability Stream that guides to the IT Expert certificate in IT Service Management and make participants ready for the ITIL OSA exam.

ITIL® Intermediate PPO

This ITIL Intermediate Planning, Protection and Optimization Certification Training will provide participants the required skills to assure that new services and service management systems, tools and technology architecture, which are structured to satisfy user requirements and can be managed once introduced. Our PPO course training makes participants to clear the certification exam on their first attempt. It might be own or can be a part of the Capability Stream for IT Service Management.

ITIL® Intermediate RCV

The ITIL Intermediate RCV certification will display their experience in organize, validate and execute latest services to satisfy organizational objectives and user needs. As a vital component of the ITIL Service Capability Lifecycle, this course will display participants the principles and processes, methods and functions used in RCV, the ways they are combined in the service lifecycle, and the IT actions necessary to obtain operational quality.

ITIL® Intermediate SOA

ITIL Intermediate SOA Certification Training will develop participants capability to develop and handle service offerings according to business necessities. Participants will grasp best practices for developing, applying and creating consistent enhancement into the ITIL services lifecycle and the five stages of the lifecycle provides value to organizations and projects. The course is a vital module in the ITIL Capability Expert program.

ITIL® Managing Across The Lifecycle (MALC)

This is a final module in the Service Lifecycle training, the ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle course will build participants capability to combine service management processes around the complete length of IT practices. Participants will be capable to derive management goals, and purposes; apply and enhance service capabilities, and manage governance in the ITIL framework the standard that fixed international quality benchmarks for IT professionals around the world.


How can I get registered for the Master’s Program?

Participants can register for the Master’s Program on our website and they can make an online payment through following means:

  • Visa Credit or Debit Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Diner’s Club
  • PayPal

Once participants had paid the fee, an automated payment receipt and access information will be received by the participants through email.

What will I get with the Master's Program?

Participants will be allowed to access the e-learning content for all the courses mentioned in the learning path and also access to exclusive forums organized by faculty and industry experts.

How and where can I access the e-learning content?

Participants will get registered with us only after paying the course fee, they will have regular access to the e-learning content on our website. An automated course purchase confirmation email will direct participants through the process.