ITIL Intermediate RCV Certification

The ITIL Intermediate Release, Control and Validation certification is designed to reflect participants experience in designing, testing and executing new services and to satisfy organizational objectives and user requirements. It is considered as an important component of the ITIL Service Capability Lifecycle. This course is a vital element that will demonstrate the participants about the principles, processes, methods and functions assigned in RCV. The ways they are integrated in the service lifecycle and the IT activities required to accomplish operational excellence.

Key features
  • 14.5 hours of self-paced learning
  • 10 end of chapter quizzes
  • 2 sample test papers
  • Exam fee included
  • 21 PDUs offered

Course description

What is the focus of this course?

Our course Certificate is a freestanding qualification, and is also part of the ITIL® Intermediate Capability Lifecycle stream. It is one of the modules led by the ITIL® Expert qualification in IT Service Management.

The main objective of this course is to test and validate the knowledge of the participants that should relate with the industry practices. Those are mentioned in the Service Management and in the ITIL® Service Lifecycle core publications. ITIL Interediate RCV Certificate is intended to enable candidates to apply RCV for effective planning, testing and execution of new services by fulfilling organizational and user requirements.

4CLearn provides ITIL® Intermediate Release, Control and Validation(RCV) certification training that enable the candidates to prepare for the ITIL® Release, Control and Validation(RCV) exam in their own place or in a Classroom learning environment.

Why is this certification most sought-after?

This is an intermediate level certification recommended to professionals who qualify the ITIL® RCV exam. This certification describe an IT professionals specialization in service capability modules and command over Release, Control and Validation processes. This certication test the professional’s competency in the principles, objectives, methods, functions and processes employed in Release, Control and Validation and the ways they are combined in the service life-cycle to potential global employers.

Professionals in worldwide about 5000 plus had acquired the benefits of certification in the ITIL® reaped module and the global demand for certified professionals is increasing at rapidly.

4CLearn is recognized by APMG and TUV as an ITIL® Foundation and Intermediate Training provider. 4CLearn is also a recognized examination centre by APMG, TUV and EXIN.

What are the course objectives?

At the end of the course, participants are capable to:

  • Demonstrate organization process for RCV including roles, responsibilities, functions and activities to attain operational excellence.
  • Overview of how to measure Release, Control and Validation.
  • Describe the technology and implementation considerations for Release, Control and Validation.
  • List challenges, Critical Success Factors, and risks in Release, Control and Validation.
  • Describe terminology related to Release, Control and Validation.
  • Prepare to clear the Release, Control and Validation certification examination.
What are the career benefits of this course?

4CLearn’s ITIL® Intermediate Release, Control, and Validation course provides a complete management-level overview of Release, Control and Validation and all its related activities.

Based on the some of the leading job websites, ITIL® Intermediate Release, Control, and Validation Certification is a condition for many key roles in the IT sector. Certified professionals can expect different roles such as Release Manager, Security Administrator, Security Manager, IT Operations Manager and Database Administrator.

The requirement for certified professionals in the RCV module of ITIL® is growing huge in the world market. Professionals are been paid highly for their skills and expertise. Certified professionals pay scale differs greatly from their non-certified professionals. Based on the recent surveys by, certified professionals earn at least annual salary of $98,461.

Who should take this course?

Our course is aimed group of the ITIL® Intermediate Qualification: Release, Control and Validation Certificate include:

  • Operational staff involved in change management, service asset and configuration management, release and deployment management, service validation and testing, request fulfillment, change evaluation and knowledge management and desired to improve their role-based capabilities.
  • Participants who obtained the ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management and looking to enhance to higher level ITIL® certifications.
  • Participants looking for the Expert Certificate in ITSM for that this qualification is a condition.
  • Participants looking to progress toward the Certificate in ITSM for which the ITIL® Expert is a prerequisite.

Exam & certification

What I need to do to become a ITIL® Intermediate RCV certified?

To appear the examination led by the ITIL® Release, Control and Validation Certificate, the participant must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Accept minimum 30 contact hours for this syllabus, as part of a formal, approved training course/scheme.
  • 2 to 4 years professional working experience in IT service management is highly desirable
  • Use the ITIL® Foundation Certificate in ITSM.
  • It is also suggested that candidates must finish at least 12 hours of personal study by reviewing the syllabus and the pertinent areas within the ITIL® Service Transition and ITIL® Service Operation core guidance while preparing for the examination.
What is the validity of my exam voucher?

Exam vouchers should be used before 6 months from the issued date; it can be reconsidered by the certification body. If participants failed to schedule the exam before six months from voucher purchase, participant should buy the voucher according to the regular price.


1. What is the last date to purchase exam voucher from 4CLearn?

Participant exam voucher is included in the price of this course. Participant should schedule the exam before six months from the purchased date. In case of any modification of exam fee by the certification body before the six months, participants should be responsible to pay the difference in amount to 4CLearn. If participant failed to schedule the exam before six months from purchase, they have to buy the voucher as per regular price bases.

2. After the training completion What certification will I receive?

Participants will be rewarded with the course completion certificate and also 19 PDU's after they accomplish the training. Once the participants successfully clear the exam, they will be awarded with the ITIL Foundation Certification from the exam body.

3. How will I take the exam?

For customers outside India web-based exam vouchers are provided and for India customers, they have only paper-based exam will be scheduled. Customers are must book the exam before the course get expired.